Cruise Ship Cabaret Charts


Of prime consideration to all cruise ship cabaret artistes (or any artiste working with live musicians) is often a lack of adequate rehearsal time. With sometimes only 1 hour scheduled for your rehearsal with the house band, there is no room for error. Your charts need to be clearly written in order for the band to get it right first time.

RJO CHARTS has a proven track record of creating the highest quality arrangements that allow you, the performer, to take to the stage with full confidence that the music behind you will be exactly as you want.

These 'cabaret' charts are written in such a way that they account for the varying sizes of ensemble you will encounter on your travels. One night you may be performing with a simple trio backing. The next, you may be taking to the stage with a full 9 piece band behind you. RJO CHARTS create arrangements that will work in all situations.

Here is an example of the Multi Ensemble Format score

An audio demo of the score is also provided. This is used to ensure the client is totally satisfied with the arrangement before committing to purchase.

Example of audio demo

Prices for bespoke multi ensemble arrangements start at £250 (GBP)

Medleys are priced at £70 per minute of audio - 5 minute medley = £350 (GBP)

See Pricing for full details

RJO CHARTS has an extensive library of existing arrangements that can be adapted to suit your exact requirements. These charts are priced at £60 (GBP). Request Current Library of Charts.

Any editing to the score to suit your requirements will be subject to a rate of £40 per hour.

For example;

Chart from file - £60

Additional editing of score - £40 per hour

Total time editing - 30 minutes

Total cost - £80.

For more information about these charts, contact RJO CHARTS